3/13 UPDATE:

Seller Disclosures Deadline: Completed.

Due Diligence Deadline: Monday March 20th, 2023 at 5 pm.

Buyers Inspection is scheduled for Friday March the 17th at 4-7 pm.

What to expect: The Inspector will come by around 4 pm and. Make sure that they can access the water heater, furnace, a/c, attic, crawl space (if applicable), etc. The Buyer will more than likely come for the last half hour to do a walk through with the inspector to review anything that was found during the inspector as well as know where the water shut off valve is. Please make sure the home is clean and accessible during this time since they will be seeing it yet again.

Let me know if you have any questions, as I'm ALWAYS here to help!
- Shannon


- Seller Disclosures Signed by Buyer
- Title Commitment Policy Received
- ***waiting on inspection to get scheduled. We have reached out to the Buyers Agent to find out when they are planning to get this done. Their Due Diligence is X.


2/28 UPDATE: