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Hello, I'm Hannah Smith!
I began my Real Estate journey working as a Title Searcher Assistant, Recorder, and Escrow Assistant. I found a passion for the real estate industry working in these positions, and I started exploring a variety of different positions within the industry to see which fit best with my personal goals. I decided to ultimately become a Realtor, because I genuinely enjoy being around and helping others face-to-face, rather thanbehind a computer screen.
My passion for helping and educating others when it comes to the home buying process specifically comes from my own personal experience of having unexpected financial insecurity, and not having a stable home to live in for an extended period of time. From my own experiences, I understand how important it is to have your basic needs met, and a stable place to live that you can call "home". My goal is to be a friend as well as a professional resource for anyone in any stage of the buying or selling process. Being a homeowner and having security is something that every person deserves, and has the opportunity to experience.
I am a person who has a lot of patience, compassion, and ever-growing knowledge of the industry, and am excited to connect with future friends and clients!
I was born and raised in South Ogden, Utah, but have lived in many other Utah cities since then. Utah is a beautiful state, with a lot of diversity!
When I'm not working, you can find me hitting the trails in my Jeep Wrangler LJ! I really am a Realtor who can "go anywhere" and "do anything".


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