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I grew up in the small town of Paris, Idaho but moved to Utah during high school. I quickly fell in love with Utah and all that it has to offer! After graduation I played collegiate softball at Southern Virginia University. I loved being immersed in the rich history and seeing the amazing architecture of some of the first places built in the United States. But no matter where I travel, Utah is what I call home.

I am fourth-generation Realtor, so houses have always been a part of my life. I also worked several years as an appraiser assistant which has given me the experience to find the most value in your home. I am passionate about homes and love every detail in them. My sisters and I would always take the real estate ad books out of the boxes on the street and pick out our favorite things to create our dream home! Even at a young age I learned the importance of home ownership and was able to build my own house and move in at the age of 22.

My husband, Matt and I enjoy being active and exploring the world with our two kids . I love the outdoors, playing sports, and spending time with my family We are so happy in Cache Valley because it is the perfect blend of “big city” and “country charm”.

I am devoted to each of my clients and truly want to help each person I work with to find comfort, dreams, and happiness in a place they can call HOME.


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