"The Incredible Team That Makes It All Happen!" We believe that every client at every price point deserves the same level of service and marketing. This is the team that delivers on that promise! Meet our hand selected Realtors who thrive in the Utah Real Estate market. Remember any & all of them are readily available to help you make your move a reality!

Shannon Olsen Owner & Principal Broker (435) 228-7379

Liz Sears Owner (435) 236-2102

Jason Taylor Realtor | Moving Specialist (435) 220-2148

Juergen Mueller Realtor | Moving Specialist (435) 233-9846

Angelique Read Realtor | Moving Specialist (385) 304-4364

Jen Jenkins Executive Assistant (435) 363-3698

Kate Ventura Executive Assistant (435) 228-7687

Becky Jorgensen Marketing Director (720) 982-7522

Bryce Olsen Lender (801) 758-5844

My Utah Agents Transaction Coordinator Transaction Coordinator (801) 458-6467